Foot Bitch Vol 2 part two

  • Dauer: 3:52
  • Views: 75
  • Datum: 21.04.2012
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It’s all Smiles as Part Two of Foot Bitch unfolds rather nicely. That is until a hand Mistakenly Strays onto my Nuclear Pearl Button. I gave no such Authority for any Liberty of this nature to take place. However a Kitten for the Riches, a Slave to the Pearl, if you ever do Slide your hand down my Sticky Knickers, then I doubt if I will be able to Resist your Advance, irrespective of where we are. As you will See and Hear in Part Two the smiles quickly Evaporate replaced by my Howls and Squeals of Delight as I reach Climax in about 45 seconds of contact.

It appears to me that an Orgasm lays in Waiting to Ambush me around virtually every street corner. I do hope you enjoy me as I reach Maximum Throttle while staring at you.



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