Footsie Vol 2 part one

  • Dauer: 5:37
  • Views: 78
  • Datum: 08.05.2012
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Fetish researchers tell us that Feet are the most desired part of the body. Foot Fetishism is the most common form of Sexual Fetish related to the body. As you sit at home asking yourself, as most of us do, exactly what do Casanova, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhole, Thomas Hardy, Ted Bundy and George Du Maurier all have in common, then why not spare a few minutes to Treat yourself to Footsie Vol 2 part one. Inside you will be Warmly Welcomed by Little Miss Tiny Asia, her impossibly Tiny and Highly Edible Feet and a Monster Cock just to keep things nicely Lubricated.

ZuZa’s Choice. Highly Recommended.



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