Foot smelling fetish

  • Dauer: 26:20
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  • Datum: 02.09.2022
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Jasmine has been wearing her shoes all day and Hanna has an urgent urge to smell Jasmine feet. Hanna takes off Jasmine shoes and start to smell her feet. ONLY foot smelling. NO licking, sucking, kissing. Hanna smells Jasmine feet like crazy. She smells her soles and between Jasmine toes. Hanna smells Jasmine feet in several positions and for a good amount of time (minimum 10 minutes). After Jasmine decides to give Hanna a girl/girl footjob. Jasmine put oil on her feet and on Hanna pussy. Jasmine then rubs her foot on Hanna pussy and fuck her with her big toe. Jasmine does this until Hanna can’t take it anymore and finally has an orgasm on Jasmine foot.

#footsmelling #foot #lesbianfoot



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